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Fidelity Record

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Vintage Zenith Stereophonic High Fidelity Cobra Matic Stereo Record Changer
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Vintage Philco Stereophonic High Fidelity console record player floor model
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Zenith 1961 Stereophonic High Fidelity Record Player and Stereo Model SFF2535M
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Vintage Philco K 1635 121 Stereo High Fidelity Record Player AM FM Radio Console
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Although common right now, the phonograph record is in fact more than a century old and began as a cylinder, as opposed to a flat disk. Easier manufacturing led the charge to replace the cylinders with smooth disks in the 1890s. Improvements were swift and by the middle of the twentieth century, phonograph records were even available in stereophonic sound.

The compact disc was unveiled in the early nineteen eighties and sales of phonograph records decreased significantly. Audiophiles and consumers weren't very pleased with the compact disc, and now, the sale of records is once again escalating
each year.

The bigger size of records makes it much easier to read the covers and lyrics. Additionally attractive is that often, with the right equipment, phonograph records actually sound much better than cds. The turntable industry has been revived along with the phonograph record business.

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A lot of brick and mortar stores offer turntables, as do many online vendors. You will find turntables readily available to fit any spending budget, with a few available for as low as $50. While new phonographs are of very high quality, a lot of stereo enthusiasts appear to choose older vintage models.

Companies such as Bic and Garrard manufactured turntables that continue to produce fantastic sound now. Parts such as belts and needles might need to get replaced on older models. Turntables are really easy to use, too, since they simply need to be attached to the music system and turned on.

The benefit of older phonographs stems from numerous elements, including their durable structure. Turntables from Thorens and Empire, for example, had astonishingly heavy platters, that helped sustain speed consistency. Not all phonographs were strictly useful; manufacturers like Bang & Olufsen produced products that were also beautiful. Collectors are particularly enthusiastic about models from companies that only manufactured turntables for a short while. Many contemporary phonographs will fit the average consumer, as they are both inexpensive and user friendly.

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Fidelity Record