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Fidelity Record

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Fidelity Record

Are you looking for Fidelity Record? Here at Vintageturntablesz.net, we provide details about famous brands of turntables, from both well-known manufacturers as well as small ones. You will be able to discover information about parts, manuals and more. We know that turntables is important to you, so we'll try our best to keep you informed with current info.

Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the phonograph in the late 19th century using a cylinder covered in wax. Flat discs were introduced in the 1890s, and a few years later came to dominate the market. Advances were swift and by the middle of the twentieth century, records were even available in stereo.

In the early 1980s, the introduction of the compact disc nearly brought an end to the century of record production. Consumers were persistent, and the record is now again enjoying popularity among consumers.

There are several reasons for the revival, including larger graphics and information that's easier to read. An added bonus is that records can produce better sound than compact discs when played on good equipment. One needs a turntable to play records, and just a few years ago, they were similarly scarce, though that has changed.

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Stereo turntables can be found most anywhere, both online and in brick and mortar stores. Prices vary widely; you can spend as little as $50 or as much as $100,000, depending on your budget. While new turntables are popular, collectors and audiophiles still revere vintage equipment.

Many older turntables, made by companies such as Garrard or Empire, were well made and continue to run well today. Some maintenance will be necessary, obviously, such as replacing a worn stylus or an old belt. Maintenance aside, most turntables are quite simple to use.

Collectors and audiophiles revere the rugged construction of many vintage turntables. Turntables from Empire and Thorens, for example, had surprisingly heavy platters, which helped maintain speed stability. Some companies, such as Bang & Olufsen, produced attractive turntables that also functioned as works of art. Collectors also like the occasional odd model from companies that didn't generally make turntables. Most contemporary turntables will suit the average consumer, as they are both affordable and user friendly.

Our site offers information about vintage and modern turntables in all price ranges.

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