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Turntable Feet

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Audio insulator At 605 Isolation Feet Noise vibration Suppression For Turntable
Time Remaining: 24d 21h 55m
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Vibration Isolation Platform for THORENS Turntables w Sorbothane Feet
Time Remaining: 6d 21h 22m
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Turntable Feet Type 1 Height Adjustable suitable for Garrard Lenco Thorens ++
Time Remaining: 15d 8h 3m
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Turntable feet for Technics SL1200 Denon DP1200 Height AdjustableType1 56mm
Time Remaining: 8d 4h 35m
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The phonograph record dates to the late 19th century, when Thomas Edison perfected recording sound on a wax-covered tube. In the 1890s, the wax cylinders began to be replaced with flat discs, which are easier to create. Advancements came quickly, and ultimately, long playing records containing many tunes started to be available for purchase.

The cd, unveiled in the 1980s, nearly led to the death of the phonograph record, much to the joy of record companies. Consumers were persistent, and the phonograph record is currently once again enjoying attention among buyers.

The appeal originates from many factors, including a larger format that enables consumers to more easily look at details written on the album covers and inner sleeves. An added bonus is the improved quality of sound that phonograph records can provide when played on excellent equipment. Playing phonograph records requires a turntable, and up until a short while ago, they were hard to find, as well.

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Brand new phonographs are sold at any nearby stereo retailer, and at a number of websites online. Retail prices range from as low as $50 for beginner designs to $50,000 or even more for top-end versions designed to squeeze the last amount of audio from the album placed upon it. Although brand new turntables are of very good quality, lots of audiophiles appear to prefer older vintage models.

Manufacturers like Dual, Empire, Garrard, and Bang and Olufsen produced well-designed, legendary phonographs that, with good care, will continue to deliver high-quality audio to this day. Vintage products may need a bit of maintenance to get them working correctly once more. Although some upkeep is important, a lot of people may find turntables easy to use.

The build quality of classic products, often created using metal rather than plastic, is an important part of the appeal to enthusiasts and audiophiles. Thorens turntables were well built and had quite weighty platters when compared to other tables from the time, making speed and balance better. A few companies crafted turntables which were both lovely and useful, such as those made by B&O. Collectors are particularly enthusiastic about models from companies which just produced phonographs for a short while. Lots of more recent products offer modern-day benefits, like USB outputs.

This site is made up of valuable information about both older and also contemporary turntables, including quite a few hard to find designs.

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Turntable Feet