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Turntable Feet

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Marantz 6300 Turntable Foot Feet 4 with Screws
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Parts for Rega P3 Turntable belt motor feet and more
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Thomas Edison is credited with creating the phonograph in the later part of the Nineteenth century employing a cylinder covered in wax. By the 1890s, manufacturers started trying out flat disks, which were much easier to produce compared to wax cylinders Stereophonic as well as quadraphonic, or four channel, records started to be available just a few decades later on.

The compact disc was launched in the early nineteen-eighties and sales of phonograph records decreased drastically. Audiophiles never surrender, and these days, the record is enjoying a rebirth with consumers.

There are lots of explanations for the resurgence, including larger artwork and information which is much easier to examine. Also appealing is the fact that, with the appropriate equipment, records really sound much better than music cds. You need a phonograph to experience records, and just a short while ago, these were similarly scarce, although that has improved.

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Brand new phonographs are offered at any local hi-fi shop, and also at numerous sites on the web. Retail prices vary from the low-cost to the expensive, you may spend just as much on a phonograph as you would on a high end car. While new turntables are widely available, a lot of buyers continue to prefer older vintage gear.

Manufacturers such as Dual, Empire, Garrard, and Bang and Olufsen created well-designed, renowned phonographs that, with care, continually produce high-quality audio even today. Parts such as belts and cartridges may need to get replaced on older products. Turntables are simple to utilize, apart from infrequent servicing.

The good thing about older turntables comes from several elements, including their rugged structure. Turntables from companies such as Empire or Thorens used weighty, precision platters that helped preserve steady speeds. If you want a masterpiece of design that will also play phonograph records, you might think about a phonograph from Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. Briefly-available designs by well-known makers, like Nakamichi, are also desirable; this Japanese company was primarily noted for cassette players and their phonographs, while respected, are usually rare, as the company didn't produce them for very long. Although vintage products are intriguing, newer types include such features as Universal serial bus outputs, that allow the consumer to record their records.

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Turntable Feet