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Turntable Feet

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Marantz 6300 Turntable Original Feet
Time Remaining: 27d 12h 39m
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Acrylic Platform for McIntosh MT5 MT10 Turntable w Sorbothane Feet
Time Remaining: 7d 14h 57m
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Vibration Isolation Platform for REGA RP 1 RP 2 RP 3 RP 6 w Sorbothane Feet
Time Remaining: 25d 4h 11m
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Vibration Isolation Platform for Pro Ject Debut Carbon DC w Sorbothane Feet
Time Remaining: 25d 4h 2m
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The phonograph record we all know has beginnings in the late 19th century and began as wax covered tubes. Smooth discs were introduced in the 1890s, and some years later on came to control the industry. Further developments led to the development of the long-playing record and to the introduction of stereophonic recordings.

The advent of the compact disc in the early Nineteen-eighties nearly spelled the extinction of the phonograph record, as record companies wanted to increase earnings by eliminating the then-century old product. Audiophiles do not ever surrender, and these days, the record is experiencing a rebirth with shoppers.

A number of factors have brought on the resurrection of vinyl, such as the readability of the large sized covers. With proper equipment, records offer much better audio quality than cds. Certainly, to experience records, one must have a phonograph, and while the production of turntables was nearly extinct roughly fifteen years ago, they are, like records, experiencing a resurgence.

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Brand new phonographs are offered at any nearby hi-fi store, as well as a number of web sites on the web. You needn't spend lots of cash; phonographs are available new for as little as $50. While brand new turntables are readily available, numerous shoppers continue to favor older vintage equipment.

Numerous older phonographs were remarkably well made and continue to work effectively today. It goes without saying older designs will probably have to have some parts swapped out or modified before they can be put into use. Turntables are really simple to make use of, apart from the occasional servicing.

Part of the selling point of vintage turntables is their durable durability and solid build quality. Classic products often had very weighty platters, which provide added benefits for reproducing sound. A number of manufacturers, such as Bang & Olufsen, created eye-catching turntables which also worked as pieces of art. Even though manufacturers produced phonographs regularly, some others just made a very few, and a few of these unusual designs are sought out these days. Many modern products provide contemporary benefits, such as Universal serial bus outputs.

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Turntable Feet